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Clausewitz and Modern Strategy book

Clausewitz and Modern Strategy book

Clausewitz and Modern Strategy. Michael I. Handel

Clausewitz and Modern Strategy

ISBN: 9780714640532 | 352 pages | 9 Mb

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Clausewitz and Modern Strategy Michael I. Handel
Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Jun 27, 2006 - “Von Clausewitz describes something as the essence of strategy that he calls coup d'oeil, which in French means 'glance,'” Duggan says. Clausewitz wrote important things about strategy that modern officers could use. Mar 22, 2011 - Carl von Clausewitz had served Prussia and briefly Russia through the wars with first revolutionary and then Napoleonic France, studying both these and earlier wars seeking to fully understand war and warfare. Aug 13, 2010 - Whilst Guha remorselessly interrogates and batters the legacy of political reason and strategic thought in warfare, Ayache launches an elaborate assault on market-oriented ideologies and probabilistic philosophies. Of the more modern, Liddell Hart is probably the most useful and accessible (though he also has been known both the gild the lily in his claims of himself and to recast his earlier writings to exhibit a bit more presience than he could really claim). May 19, 2014 - I've taken Clausewitz's original text and interpreted and transposed his most durable ideas on leadership and strategy to help executives think like strategists. Jan 15, 2005 - Gray, Colin (1999), Modern Strategy (Oxford: OUP). A Google search of 'Tocqueville Clausewitz' Classical liberalism from John Locke to John Stuart Mill, is to a very large degree concerned with taking up ancient virtues and liberties in the modern world. Jul 3, 2012 - For Clausewitz, Napoleon is the example of great general, of the genius needed to integrate understanding of military organisation and the tactics used in battle, with the overall requirements of politics and strategy. Handel, Michael (2004, 3rd edition), Masters of War: Classical Strategic Thought (London: Frank Cass). Mar 13, 2008 - The thwarting of the enemy through the defeating of his strategy before the fighting actually begins, and separating him from his allies is the best course of action. Jan 20, 2012 - As a new form of threat which requires a modern strategy to be faced, counter-terrorism can be the new security issue in which both Clausewitz and Sun Tzu's masterpieces can find a pragmatic application. Nov 15, 2011 - What Jomini lacks for modern day warfare is a measure of sophistication able to adapt to complicated uncertainty, like that of a counterinsurgency. Jun 3, 2013 - (Sanjaya Baru, who runs the programme on geo-economics at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, had a good introduction to the various usages of the term in Survival, which was originally written as an introduction for a conference on “geo-economics” in Bahrain in March 2012 that I attended.) There Thus, as he puts it, the “modern world” operates according to “the rules of Clausewitz”; the “post-modern world” operates according to “the rules of Kant”. Whilst both are mutually complementary, During a war, however, Sun Tzu would yet complement Clausewitz due to the former's fondness for continued use of intelligence, particularly in the strategic sense and in the modern age. Nov 29, 2011 - The point that is really at the centre of the post is the evolution of northern military strategy from explicit adherence to Antoine Henrı-Jomini to implicit adherence to Carl von Clausewitz. To my knowledge, this book represents the first serious Readers can now see how to integrate his lasting historical references with modern business practices and thereby uncover potential solutions to some of today's more critical competitive problems. Re-Imagining War in the 21st Century: This book interrogates the philosophical backdrop of Clausewitzian notions of war, and asks whether modern, network-centric militaries can still be said to serve the 'political'. Dec 16, 2010 - Whilst separated by great distances in time, geography and culture, both Sun Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz can be seen to have developed a rather similar outlook on strategy and the application of force. Feb 26, 2013 - One thinker (Clausewitz), or three (Thucydides and Sun Tzu as well), have completely understood, defined and explained military strategy to their readers.